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The General Introduction Of China Construction Industry

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After more than 20 years of reform and opening up, China's construction industry has been rapid development, the construction industry in the national economy in the pillar industries continue to strengthen the role of the national economy is more significant. With the development of market economy, construction enterprises are facing fierce market competition. To join the WTO, the Chinese construction industry has brought rare opportunities for development at the same time, it also brings the inevitable impact and challenges. In the future, to face the competition of international contractors

, the domestic construction market and the competition in the international project contracting market will become more intense.

Management informatization is the only way for traditional industries to obtain new students. Whether the construction enterprises in our country can be in an invincible position in the fierce market competition, the key lies in whether the enterprise can provide high quality, short construction period and low cost. Make full use of information technology brought about the great productivity and improve its information application level and management level, as to enhance the competitiveness of the construction industry the focus should be, which is the foreign outstanding construction enterprises in the process of the development of practice summary.
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The construction industry has a monopoly of land and mobility characteristics, construction products production with single, liquidity, regional, long cycle and production in a variety of ways, imbalance, and subject to external constraints and other characteristics. With increasing complexity of the types and characteristics of the construction project, lean construction products and engineering service way diversification, market-oriented process, the construction enterprises lean to construction project management requirements are also getting higher and higher.

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